Soap Bar Care

Nothing will shorten the life of your soap bar more than keeping it wet! Water disintegrates your soap quickly, leaving you replacing your bar more frequently. Follow these tips to lengthen the life of your soap bar.

1. Keep your soap away from water as much as possible. Store it away from a direct stream of water such as shower spray when not in use.

2. Use an appropriate soap dish or soap saver that allows for drainage. Never leave a soap bar sitting on the side of the shower or tub by itself. Use a self draining dish that allows water to pass through completely, leaving no puddle underneath your bar.

3. Let the soap air dry between uses. Less moisture can keep your bar harder and less likely to crumble or turn to mush.

4. Use a shower pouf or a washcloth with your soap while your shower or bathe. Our soaps have fantastic lather and you'll get exponentially more suds and use less soap overall compared to using hands alone.

5. Cut your bar into smaller pieces. Our bars are large sized and can be cut into smaller pieces using a regular chef's knife and cutting board. An added bonus is you can enjoy multiple soap varieties in your shower at once!