Plant Your Label

Did you know that your Wild Island Soap Co bar is embedded with wildflower seeds?! Not only that, but it's made of biodegradable post consumer paper waste that has been recycled. That means no trees were cut to create the labels! So what's next and how do you plant your label?

1. You can plant your label in a pot or in your garden (if the conditions are right). Cut your label into pieces, or leave it whole if you have enough space. Fill your pot 2/3 full with good quality potting soil.

2. Take your plantable paper label and lay it on top of the soil. Spread 1/8" of soil over the label and gently tamp down.

3. After you have your plantable label in the pot or in the garden, water enough to ensure the soil and planted label is damp, but not soaked. During germination, or the first 10 days, it is important to keep your soil damp and not allow it to dry out. This is necessary and will encourage sprouts to emerge from the seeds.

4. Once you see sprouts appear, you must keep the soil damp. Be careful not to overwater! When the plants become larger and sturdier, you can water as needed.

What Types of Wildflowers Will Grow?

~ Bird's Eye

~ Clarkia

~ Black Eyed Susan

~ Catchfly

~ Snapdragon

~ Sweet Alyssum